(director: S.K. Dale; screenwriter: Jason Carvey; cinematographer: Jamie Cairney; editors: Alex Fenn, Sylvie Landra; music:Walter Mair; cast: Megan Fox(Emma), Eoin Macken (Mark), Aml Ameen (Tom),  Callan Mulvey (Bobby Ray), Jack Roth (Jimmie), Lili Rich (Executive Assistant); Runtime: 88; MPAA Rating: R; producers; David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, Mobley, Les Weldon, Yariv Lerner, Rob Van Norden: A Screen Media release; 2021)

Not that bad if you let a few awful things slide.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

First-time feature film director of this retentive home invasion thriller is S.K. Dale. The tawdry script literally takes the wedding vow of ’till death do us part,’ to be incorporated into the story written by Jason Carvey. It was filmed in wintry Bulgaria.

The sexy Emma (Megan Fox) is married for 11 years to the wealthy but creepy lawyer Mark (Eoin Macken), and is locked into a loveless marriage. She breaks off an affair she had recently with Tom (Eoin Macken), an employee of hubby’s law firm.

After giving her a ‘steel’ necklace and taking her to dinner to celebrate their 11th anniversary, the suspicious hubby blindfolds her and drives her at night, in the middle of winter, to their remote, snow-bound lakefront vacation home for some exotic sex.

In the morning, Emma awakens to discover she’s handcuffed to Mark, who promptly shoots himself in the head, splattering blood all over Emma and their bedroom.

While trying to free herself from the cuffs, she drags his body around the room and down the stairs, but has no luck escaping. Mark has made sure both her cellphone and car are disabled.

As if faced with not enough of a problem, two thieves (Callan Mulvey, Jack Roth), searching for diamonds her hubby promised them but never delivered on, come by to burgle her secure safe that requires not only knowing the numerical combination but needing a fingerprint authorization.

The surprising thing about the absurd thriller is that it’s gripping and not that bad if you let a few awful things slide. Fox is convincing as the frightened bad girl vic, It was filmed with some slickness and style. I realize it’s not for all tastes, but the production values are good and the directing is serviceable.

REVIEWED ON 11/22/2021  GRADE: B-