(director/writer: K. Asher Levin; screenwriter: Zack Imbrogno; cinematographer: Owen Levelle; editors: Alex Rodriguez/Marc Fusco/Vahik Pirhamzei; music: Taylor Locke; cast:  Abigail Breslin (Jules Jay),  Malin Akerman (Beverly Rector), Adam Ambruso (Steven Rektor), CG Lewis (Harry), Jack Donnelly (Jack Chambers), Kara Hayward (Flynn), Ashley Reyes (Natalie), Lydia Hearst (Liz Andrews), Thomas Jane (Elliot Jones); Runtime: 88 ; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Jason Armstrong/Rob Goodrich/Daniel Cummings/K Asher Levin/Abigail Breslin/Zack Imbrogno/Robert Dean; Fasehun Films/The Avenue; 2022)

“I’ve seen some bad vampire films and this is one of them.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A not too enjoyable and poorly made horror-comedy (the jokes are duds) which gets a kick out of taking harmless jabs at social media. It’s written and directed by K. Asher Levin (“Dig”/”Cougars Inc”), who directs as if he were brain dead. It’s co-written by Zack Imbrogno, who can’t stop the bleeding. It tells of a vengeful vampire hunter, Elliot Jones (Thomas Jane), who has it in for vampires for murdering his teenage daughter.

There are no likable characters, no scares and the film lacks charm. Gen-Xers and Gen-Zers are depicted as losers. Mindless violence runs throughout the film. And nothing in the story is imaginative.

The unkempt bearded Elliot needs the help of popular superstar internet influencers (Jack Donnelly & Abigail Breslin) to locate the mansion residence of the reclusive vampire billionaire Steven Rektor (Adam Ambruso), where he lives with his wife Beverly (Malin Akerman) and their son Harry (CG Lewis). The vampires trap the vampire slayer on their grounds and attempt to turn him into a vampire.

I’ve seen some bad vampire films and this is one of them.


REVIEWED ON 11/6/2022  GRADE: C-