Peggie Castle and Tony Martin in Quincannon, Frontier Scout (1956)


(director: Lesley Selander; screenwriters: Don Martin/John C. Higgins/based on the novel Frontier Feud by Will Cook; cinematographer: Joe Biroc ; editor: John F. Schreyer; music: Les Baxter; cast: Tony Martin (Linus Quincannon), Peggy Castle (Maylene Mason), John Smith (Lt. Phil Hostedder), John Doucette (Sgt. Calvin), Ron Randell (Captain Bell), John Bromfeld (Lt. Burke), Morris Ankrum (Col. Harry Conover), Edmund Hashim (Iron Wolf), Peter Mamakos (Blackfoot Sam); Runtime: 83; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Howard W. Koch; United Artists; 1956)

“Action-packed B Western.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Lesley Selander (“The Lone Ranger”/”The Texican”) effectively directs this action-packed B Western. It’s based on the novel Frontier Feud by Will Cook, and is written by Don Martin and John C. Higgins. Singer Tony Martin tries acting in a Western, and is OK. Lt. Burke (John Bromfeld) and Sgt. Calvin (John Doucette) on orders from Colonel Conover (Morris Ankrum) are sent on a mission to bring back to the frontier fort the retired legendary scout who served under him, Linus Quincannon (Tony Martin), for a special assignment. The Colonel asks him to investigate the stealing by the Arapaho of 800 repeating rifles from a secret train shipment only the Colonel was aware of. Quincannon also accompanies Maylene Mason (Peggy Castle) to Fort Smith. That’s where her brother was reported killed in action, but she just received from a blackmailer a ransom note for $2,000 that says he’s alive. The Scout suspects that someone at Fort Smith tipped the Indians off, and is probably connected with the blackmailer. Quincannon catches the blackmailer, takes back the rifles from the Arapaho leader Iron Wolf (Edmund Hashim), catches the main Army culprit behind the raid and romances the pretty Miss Mason. Martin does everything but sing.