(director: Joseph Zito; screenwriters: James Bruner, Chuck Norris, story by Aaron Norris; cinematographer: Joao Fernandes; editors: Daniel Loewenthal, Scott Vickrey; music: Jay Chattaway; cast: Chuck Norris (Matt Hunter), Richard Lynch (Mikhail Rostov), Melissa Prophet (McGuire), Alexander Zale (Nikko), Dehl Berti (John Eagle), Shane McCamey (Kurt); Runtime: 103; MPAA Rating: PG; producers: Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus; Cannon; 1985)

If you’re looking for laughs over seeing a good film, this one will please.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A brainless Cold War kick ass thriller about Russian commie terrorists invading Florida. If you’re looking for laughs over seeing a good film, this one will please. Joseph Zito(“The Prowler”/”Power Play”/”Red Scorpion”) directs from a story by Aaron Norris and a script by Chuck Norris and James Bruner. Tom Savini did the FX, arguably the film’s best feature is its make-up.

Retired CIA agent Chuck Norris, residing in the Everglades, uncovers Russian terrorists invading Florida and killing our citizens. Norris acts alone, using his martial arts skills, to kill the scores of invaders single-handed.

Richard Lynch is fabulous as the crazed Russian invading agent. There’s also a church blown up, a christmas invasion in the suburbs, a mall invaded and an attempt to blow up a school bus.

The movie ads said, “America wasn’t ready, but he was!”

It’s a trashy Rambo for those who might have thought that pic wasn’t trashy enough.