(director/writer: Ulli Lommel; cinematographer: Juerg Walther; editor: Xgin; music: Robert J. Walsh; cast: Gunter Ziegler (Joe Singer), Brandon Dean (Vitalio), Axel Montgomery (Det. McQueen), Phil Lander (Scott Masters), Martina Bottesch (Romy), Szilvi Naray-Davey (Holly), Karen Maxwell (Virginia), Naidra Dawn Thompson (Desiree), Victoria Ullman (Susan), David Hess (Aaron Singer III ), Ulli Lommel (Dr. Melnitz); Runtime: 81; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Nola Roeper/Ulli Lommel; LionsGate Entertainment; 2005)

Brain-dead exploitation torture film.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Filmmaker Ulli Lommel(“Bloodsuckers”/”Zodiac Killer”/”Mondo Americana“) found some success with 1980s horror films. He was one of Fassbinder’s crew members and worked briefly with Andy Warhol. In this low-budget, poorly made, zombie pic, a disgrace to the genre, the director keeps it as a brain-dead exploitation torture film. It tells of a pack of zombie women who come up from the grave to get revenge on psycho LAPD serial killer, Joe Singer (Gunter Ziegler). The revenge-minded vics are the attractive women Singer arrested for imaginary driving violations. Singer’s rookie partner, Scott Masters (Phil Lander), figures things out just before the climax. The police brass at Singer’s precinct refuse to investigate him because they were all military comrades in Afghanistan and Iraq. To add further to my dislike of the film, is the heavy metal music it uses.

REVIEWED ON 2/12/2016 GRADE: C –