(director: Gordan Douglas; screenwriters: Burt Kennedy/from the book by Clay Fisher; cinematographer: Carl Guthrie; editor: William Ziegler ; music: Howard Jackson; cast: Clint Walker (Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly), John Russell (Gall), Edward Byrnes (Anse Harper), Ray Danton (Sayapi), Claude Akins (Sergeant), Rhodes Reason (Major Towns), Andra Martin (Wahleeah), Gary Vinson (Lieutenant), Watten Oates (Corporal); Runtime: 91; MPAA Rating: NR; Warner Archive Collection; 1959)

“Standard Western.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

TV’s Cheyenne, Clint Walker, stars in this standard Western helmed by Gordan Douglas(“In Like Flint”/”The Detective”/”The Little Rascals”). In a supporting role is TV’s Kookie, played by Edward Byrnes. If you need another reason for seeing it, there’s the fine script by Burt Kennedy. It’s based on the factually true novel by Clay Fisher.

In thev 1870s “Yellowstone” Kelly (Clint Walker) is a Rocky Mountain fur trapper, surveyor and Indian scout. Arriving at Fort Buford to sell his skins, Major Towns (Rhodes Reason), the commanding officer, entices Kelly to scout the Sioux territory south of the Missouri for the Army. Kelly brings along as a sidekick Anse Harper (Edward Byrnes), whom he just met on the steamship while coming over here.

Kelly finds himself caught in a conflict between the Sioux, who have allowed him access to their lands because he once saved the life of their chief (John Russell, TV’s Lawman), and a Cavalry troop out to avenge the Battle of Little Big Horn. Using his woodsman’s smarts, Kelly stops an Indian war and marries an Indian maiden (Andra Martin).

It also features early performances by Claude Akins and Warren Oates, the latter in his first film role.

Yellowstone Kelly Poster

REVIEWED ON 10/30/2014 GRADE: B-