(director/writer: Eva Hassmann; cinematographers: Marco Cappetta, Alexa Ihrt; editor: Ting Yu; music: ; cast: Eva Hassmann (Greta Weingarten), Willie Nelson (Bones), Peter Bogdanovich (Charley), Blaine Gray (Nick), Thure Reifenstein (August Halsig), Darby Stanchfiled (Rebecca); Runtime: 87; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Eva Hassmann; Quiver Distribution/Amazon Prime Video; 2023)

“What it has going for it in spades is a whole lot of silliness.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

German actress Eva Hassmann, a first time director, also writes the script, produces the film and co-stars in it with Willie Nelson (who is 90). The only things that save this unfunny road comedy from being a complete dud are Willie’s warm charm and his songs played throughout on the soundtrack.

Greta Weingarten (Eva Hassmann) is a German housewife who leaves her overbearing asshole wealthy husband and after selling his Porsche  comes to Las Vegas to catch her life-long idol Willie Nelson perform live for the last time. He made life bearable for her when she listened to his music as a teen, and it calmed her nerves while her crazed alcoholic mom acted nutty.

Peter Bogdanovich, the late actor/director, plays an alcoholic manager at a Reno motel where Greta stays. Blaine Gray plays a good-natured Elvis impersonator who befriends her. Both men play uninteresting one-dimensional roles.

The humor is a witless blend of ineffective  sugary comedy and acerbic satirical comedy, that fails to work as does everything else about this well-meaning but disjointed film.

What it has going for it in spades is a whole lot of silliness.

It played at the Oldenburgh International Film Festival.