(director/writer: Zalman King; screenwriter: story by Zalman King and Macgregor Douglas; cinematographer: Mark Plummer; editor: Marc Grossman; music: Jonathan Elias; cast: Sherilyn Fenn (AprilDelongpre), Richard Tyson (Perry), Louise Fletcher (Belle), Kristy McNichol (Patti-Jean), Martin Hewitt (Chad), Burl Ives ( Sheriff Earl Hawkins), Juanita Moore (Delilah), Don Galloway (Delongpre), Millie Perkins (Mrs. Delongpre), Milla Jovovich ( Samantha); Runtime: 104; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Donald P. Borchers; Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; 1988)

“Overwrought soft-porn melodrama.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Director Zalman King(“Wild Orchid”/”Shame, Shame, Shame”/”Delta of Venus”) offers his inferior version of The Last Tango in Paris (1972) in this overwrought soft-porn melodrama. The plot has its unappealing heroine choose lust over privilege. It’s based on a story by King and Macgregor Douglas. Filmed in LA, it fails to resemble its intended Alabama locale.

The wealthy pampered blonde Alabama gal April Delongpre (Sherilyn Fenn) opts to give her cherry to muscular lower-class traveling carny Perry (Richard Tyson) instead of her upper-class fiance Chad (Martin Hewitt). Her upset family, aided by local lawmen, chases after her when she runs off with the carnival.

Louise Fletcher plays her creepy granny. Kristy McNichol is a likable drifter carnival groupie who intimately dances with Fenn, encouraging one to perceive a possible bisexual relationship is afoot. Burl Ives is the sheriff.

The title refers to the place Fenn and lover boy rendezvous the night before her wedding.