(director: Jeff Celentino; screenwriter: Elizabeth Fowler, book by B.A. Paris; cinematographer: Felix Cramer; editor: Douglas Crise; music: Nathan Halpern; cast: Minka Kelly (Cass), Dermot Mulroney (Matthew), Maggie Grace (Rachel), Natalie Simpson (DC Lawson), Allan Calton (John Collins), Edward Baker-Duly (Dr. Deakins), Sally Blouet (Jane Walters), Kris Johnson (Alex Walters), Judah Cousin (Andrew); Runtime: 108; MPAA Rating: PG-13; producers: Shaun Sanghani, Elizabeth Fowler, Warren Ostergard, Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar; VOD/Lionsgate; 2024-UK)

“A mediocre supernatural thriller.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A mediocre supernatural thriller listlessly directed by Jeff Celentino (“Breaking Point”/”The Hill”) and poorly written with numerous cliches, a ridiculous plot, and is sluggishly paced. It’s adapted from Elizabeth Fowler’s book by B. A. Paris, and is acted without emotion by Minka Kelly.

The wealthy Cass Anderson (Minka Kelly) teaches high school drama and lives with her  untrustworthy husband, Matthew (Dermot Mulroney), in the woodsy English remote country, in a beautiful old English house that’s undergoing massive repairs.

Driving home from school at night after celebrating with friends the end of the school year, she takes a shortcut through the dense woods in Blackwater Lane and discovers a parked car with a dead woman inside (Jane Walters). She fails to report it to the police or tell anyone. The next day at lunch with her best friend, Rachel (Maggie Grace), she heard on the morning news that the lady in the car was murdered and tells her friend about it but is forgetful of the details. It turns out the vic was Rachel’s co-worker and someone Cass knew.

The flustered Cass thereby goes back to where the car was parked and finds one of her own earrings. She also starts seeing ghosts and believes her life may be in danger, and that she’s being stalked.

The viewer is trying to see if her mind is playing tricks on her, if she’s going nuts or are we in for just a tiresome B film.

We’re reminded Cass’s late mom died with dementia.

A detective (Natalie Simpson) comes to Cass’s manor to question her and finds her behavior suspicious.

The mystery story gets resolved in an unfulfilling third act, which makes no sense–whereas saying the plot is convoluted requires viewing it to see for yourself how convoluted.