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TEXANS NEVER CRY (director: Frank McDonald; screenwriter: Norman S. Hall; cinematographer: William Bradford; editor: James Sweeney; music: Mischa Bakaleinikoff; cast: Gene Autry, Harry Tyler (Dan Carter), Don Harvey (Blackie Knight), Richard Powers (Tracy Wyatt), Mary Castle (Rita Bagley), Russ Hayden (Steve Diamond), Stephen Dunne (James Garland), Frank Fenton (Capt. Weldon), Roy Gordon (Frank Bagley), Gail Davis (Nancy Carter), Roy Butler (Sheriff Weems), Richard Flato (Carlos Corbal), Minerva Urecal (Martha Carter), Pat Buttram (Pecos Bates); Runtime: 66 ; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Armand Schaefer; Columbia; 1951)
“Dull narrative.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Frank McDonald(“Isle of Fury”/”“The Underwater City”“/”My Pal Trigger”) directs this black and white Gene Autry western in its usual formulaic style. Writer Norman S. Hall come up with a dull narrative.

In Rio Diablo, Texas, Sgt. Gene Autry of the Texas Rangers comes in the nick of time to prevent the foreclosure of rancher Dan Carter (Harry Tyler) and his family after Carter finds himself unable to repay his loan of $250 to swindler Tracy Wyatt (Tom Keene). Gene learns Carter has been buying Mexican lottery tickets from saloon card player Blackie Knight (Don Harvey).

At Ranger headquarters, Captain Weldon (Frank Fenton) assigns Gene to assist the Mexican government and its agent, Corbal (Richard Flato), to track the lottery ticket scam. When Corbal is killed by Wyatt, Gene turns his attention to Blackie and Wyatt, and Frank Bagley (Roy Gordon). Frank’s their silent partner who prints the phony lottery tickets.

The villains bring in gunslinger Steve Diamond (Russ Hayden) to take care of Gene, who has an odd association with Gene.

Pat Buttram plays Gene’s comic relief sidekick. Gail Davis is Gene’s romantic interest, who is the rancher’s daughter. Mary Castle is the printer’s saloon singer daughter, who flirts with Gene on dad’s orders.


Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews”