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SORORITY GIRLS’ REVENGE (director/writer: Keith Warn; music: Abnormals; cast: Kevin Wortman (Lem), Keith Warn (Custer), Tisha Brown (Kristi), Nicole Holmes (Sandy), Stacy Oliver (Marci), Kelly Kraegel (Cathy), Nikki Trexler (Veronica); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Keith Warn; Film Threat DVD; 2001)
“Its most endearing quality is its total lameness.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Writer-director and star Keith Warn’s battle of the sexes flick is mainly for the 1970s drive-in crowd and horny older men who get off watching college girls parade around in their undies. The teen sex romp fluff comedy never gets past its adolescent plot line and its cheesy acting. Its most endearing quality is its total lameness.

Middle-aged Custer and his teenage son Lem and their mutt Pandy vacate their apartment because a biker gang is after Lem for stealing their girls. They hide out in an abandoned trailer located in the desert of southern California. Veronica, a meanie pledgemaster for a college sorority, assigns the four pledges Marci, Kristi, Cathy and Sandy to spend a weekend at the abandoned trailer and write a play. The men act as peeping toms, enjoying the view of the girls in their pink undies when peeking through the window of the trailer. When caught, the girls’ aggressive leader Marci plots to get revenge by taking the men as their prisoners. The highlight of the film is a pillow fight among the girls in their undies. Things change when Cathy has a crush on Lem and psychology major Kristi takes a shine to Custer. It mercifully ends with the girls getting revenge on Veronica, who paddled them with a Ping-Pong paddle before sending them out to the desert.

If this is your kind of movie, go for it! I would think this pic also has potential to sell itself to the frat house boys and those who can never get enough Bill Clinton White House intern yuks.REVIEWED ON 9/15/2005 GRADE: C-

Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews”