(director: Lesley Selander; screenwriter: Robert C. Dennis; cinematographer: William Margulies; editor: John F. Schreyer; music: Les Baxter; cast: John Dehner (Maj. Seth Bradner), Gregg Palmer (Capt. James ‘Jamie’ Tenslip), Frances Helm (Melissa Bradner, major’s niece), Don Gordon (Jean Salignac, Indian scout), Robert Knapp (Lt. Chick Waller), Cain Mason (Ezra), Robert Keys (Sgt. Darrach), Eddie Little (Red Cloud), Wm. ‘Bill’ Phillips (Sgt. Serrell), Bill Barker (Cpl Hendrey), Clay Randolph (Caswell), Harry Dean Stanton (Rusty); Runtime: 73; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Howard W. Koch/Aubrey Schenck; United Artists; 1956)

A routine B-Western solidly directed by Lesley Selander.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A routine B-Western solidly directed by Lesley Selander (“The Broken Star”/”The Lone Ranger”) and smartly written by Robert C. Dennis. In 1861, the Sioux nation under Chief Red Cloud (Eddie Little) is threatening to not sign a peace treaty and to attack Fort Laramie, in the Wyoming Territory, if they don’t receive all the gold they were promised to sign the treaty. This threat comes at a time when the loyalty of the garrison is divided between the Rebs and the majority Union supporting troops at the onset of the Civil War. The commander of the fort is Major Bradner (John Dehner) a southerner, while his top officer is a Union supporter, Captain Tenslip (Gregg Palmer). He’s engaged to the Major’s niece Melissa Bradner (Frances Helm), who is staying at the fort. The Civil War results in all the southerners resigning from the service and heading to Texas to join the Confederates. Also, the couple’s wedding plans are called off. Tenslip takes command of the fort as the new major, as Bradner leads his men across the hostile Sioux territory. When Red Cloud doesn’t get his gold, he attacks the now civilian southerners. But the half French and half Sioux scout Jean Salignac (Don Gordon) warns the Union soldiers at the fort about Red Cloud’s attack in the plains and the two sides unite to stave off the Indian attack.

Revolt at Fort Laramie Poster