(director/writer: Mandie Fletcher; screenwriters: Vanessa Davies/Paul De Vos; cinematographer: Chris Goodger; editor: Matthew Tucker; music: Michael Price; cast: Ed Skrein (Vet), Jennifer Saunders (Maureen), Cherie Lunghi (Rosemary), Peter Davison (Alan), Emilia Jones (Vikki), Emily Attack (Becky), Tom Bennett (Ben), Gemma Jones (Celia), Beattie Edmondson (Sarah Francis); Runtime: 94; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Vanessa Davies, Paul de Vos, Sue Latimer, James Spring; Screen Media Films; 2018-UK)

A friendly pug comedy with no bite.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A friendly pug comedy with no bite, that is a sentimental crowd-pleaser but the comedy offers only a few strained laughs. Mandie Fletcher (“Deadly Advice”) directs and Vanessa Davies and Paul De Vos write the amiable screenplay, but provide only a slight plot. The grandmother of the teacher Sarah (Beattie Edmondson), whose boyfriend left her, bequeaths her a cute small pug named Patrick, but her unhappy life only worsens.

The single woman is klutzy and not a dog lover, and the spirited dog is not easy to take care of. When she takes the dog for walks in the park things change for the better, as she meets a hunky veterinarian Oliver (Ed Skrein) and the sensitive Ben (Tom Bennett).It turns out that one of Sarah’s suitors maybe is not as nice as initially assumed – that is, until he proves himself to be nice after all. And, of course, Sarah now loves the dog. Jennifer Saunders, the real-life grandma of Edmondson has a cameo.

I wished the harmless British old-fashioned Disney type of family fare film had just a little bit more meat on the bone.