(director/writer: Trey Parker; cinematographer: Kenny Gioseffi; editors: Trey Parker/Michael R. Miller; music: Paul Robb; cast: Trey Parker(Joe Young/Orgazmo), Dian Bachar (Ben /Choda-Boy), Robyn Lynne Raab (Lisa), Michael Dean Jacobs (Maxxx Orbison), Ron Jeremy (Clark), Andrew W. Kemler (Rodgers), David Dunn (A-Cup), Matt Stone (Dave ”The Lighting Guy”), John Marlo (Sancho), Stanley L. Kaufman (The Doctor), Masao ‘Maki’ San (G-Fresh); Runtime: 95; MPAA Rating: NC-17; producers: Fran Rubel Kazui/Jason McHugh/Matt Stone; October Films; 1997)

An ineffective comical sci-fi cartoonish farce on Mormons and the porn film business.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An ineffective comical sci-fi cartoonish farce on Mormons and the porn film business, that targets as an audience the sexually immature and frat boys. This low-budget, low-brow film is crude, dumb and silly. “South Park” creator Trey Parker is the writer and director of this disposable film and proves that he knows nothing about either porn or Mormons. Every line is a clunker except for the one said in vain by our supposed superhero star, ”I’m not a superhero, I’m a Latter-day Saint!”

This is the kind of film that can safely guarantee the viewer not to have an orgasm. The mild-mannered Mormon missionary Joe Young (Trey Parker) while doing a door-to-door religious salesmanship stint in L.A., somehow ends up in a Hollywood porn film as superhero Captain Orgazmo when offered a large stack of money and told a fake cock and a stunt double will be used for the ‘cum’ shots. Porno film producer and director Orbison (Michael Dean Jacobs), the homeowner the Elder Young tried to convert, instead converts the naive Mormon and offers him the role after the missionary beats up his bodyguards. The scummy Orbison believes he’s got a moneymaker in the innocent-looking Young, while the strait-laced Mormon is counting on the $20,000 to marry his girl Lisa (Robyn Lynne Raab) in Salt Lake City’s expensive Mormon Temple. The film turns out to be a hit and then Orbison tries to force Young into making a sequel, while doubling his salary. When Young’s film sidekick Ben, called in the film Choda-Boy (Dian Bachar), learns that the vile Orbison is in league with thugs who are terrorizing the proprietor G-Fresh (Masao ‘Maki’ San) of his favorite sushi bar, he uses his scientific knowledge from an M.I.T. degree to weaponize the superhero’s magic toy gun, that’s called an orgazmorator.

It now becomes a ray gun that disarms the target by making them consumed with an intense orgasm when hit and they become unable to function. This orgasm action becomes the running gag in a film that limply ends when the superhero uses his Orgazmo gadget to rescue his girl from the thug kidnappers, who under orders from Orbison are holding Lisa until Young agrees to keep making porn films. What I learned most from this poorly staged and badly acted sleaze film is that being a Mormon in Los Angeles must be difficult and that Ron Jeremy, the veteran porno actor who plays a porno star, gives the film some props.