(director: Jesse Dylan; screenwriter: Dustin Lee Abraham; cinematographer: Francis Kenny; editor: Larry Buck; music: Rockwilder; cast: Method Man (Silas P. Silas), Redman (Jamal King), Obba Babatunde (Dean Carl Cain), Mike Epps(Baby Powder), Fred Willard (Philip Huntley), Essence Atkins (Jamie), Jeffery Jones(Vice President), Hector Elizondo(Crew Coach), Al Sheare (I Need Money), Chuck Davis (Ivory Ghost), Spalding Gray (Prof. Jackson); Runtime: 93; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Shauna Garr/Dannu Devito/Stacey Sher/James Ellis/Michael Shamberg; Universal; 2001)

The overlong, messy and chaotic film is not funny and has no social redeeming value.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Real-life rappers Method Man & Redman try to be funny in this dumb, lowbrow Ivy Leaguer stoner comedy. It’s limply directed for low-grade humor by Bob Dylan’s son Jesse Dylan (“American Wedding”).

A gag that goes for prized humor has an authority figure at Harvard thrown in the pool. This drivel is written by Dustin Lee Abraham, as if he were high on weed.Hip-hop artists Method Man and Redman are Staten Island stoners who smoke some super weed,from beyond the grave that makes them Harvard smart. On the campus, the unlikely student pothead duo educate the squares to stoner street-life. They dis a snooty black dean (Obba Babatunde), they hook-up with the attractive daughter (Essence Atkins) of the U.S. vice president (Jeffrey Jones) and a stoner brother called Baby Powder (Mike Epps) goes around the campus slapping the college crowd in the face with baby powder.

There are cameos by Fred Willard as the Harvard president), Hector Elizondo (crew coach) and Spalding Gray (Harvard professor).. The overlong, messy and chaotic film is not funny and has no social redeeming value.