GIRL PICTURE (Tytöt tytöt tytöt)

(director: Alli Haapasalo; screenwriter: Ilona Ahti/Daniela Hakulinen; cinematographer: Jarmo Kiuru; editor: Samu Heikkilä; cast:  Aamu Milonoff (Mimmi), Eleonoora Kauhanen (Rönkkö), Linnea Leino (Emma),  Bruno Baer (Kalle),  Sonya Lindfors (Taria), Mikko Kauppila (Jarmo), Amos Brotherus (Sipi); Runtime: 100; MPAA Rating: NR; producers; Elina Pohjola/ Leila Lyytikäinen: Citizen Jane Productions; 2022-Finland-in Finnish)

“An amiable and meaningful coming-of-age film.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The Finnish female film director Alli Haapasalo (“Force of Habit”/”Love and Fury”) directs an amiable and meaningful coming-of-age film about teenager female friendships, that’s co-written by Ilona Ahti and Daniela Hakulinen.

The project is supported by the Finnish Film foundation, Yle and Nordisk Film.

Girl Picture is set over three Friday nights.

Best friends Mimmi (Aamu Milonoff) and Rönkkö (Eleonoora Kauhanen) both work after school at a smoothie kiosk in the mall.

In the chapter titled ‘First Friday,’ the fucked-up angry leather-clad misfit Mimmi meets the dedicated professional skater Emma (Linnea Leino) and they immediately upon first look make a love connection. That connection is strengthened when they later meet at a party. Meanwhile the bubbly Rönkkö goes to teen parties to search for a boy friend to have sex with (so far she has not experienced the joys of sex).

The ladies have great chemistry together, the story has no bad things to say about anything, there are many exciting songs on the soundtrack (including Perfume Genius’ ‘Slip Away’), the acting is tingly and it has a positive vibe whether the characters are experiencing either love or pleasure.

It’s an easy film to watch even if it has long moments of meandering and little to ponder over.