(director: Craig Pryce; screenwriter: Robert Cooper; cinematographer: Michael Storey; editor: Michael Todd; music: Alun Davies/Paul Zaza/Guy Zerafa; cast: Stephen McHattie(Dr. Gary “Hunter” Henderson), Neve Campbell (Deputy Jesse Donovan), Brion James (Paul Buckner), Cynthia Belliveau (Tracy), Scott Wickware (Carl Miller), Desmond Campbell (FBI agent), Jaimz Woolvett (Ed), Christopher Bondy (Sheriff Gabe); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Robert Bergman/Craig Pryce; Imperial Entertainment Corp; 1993-Canada)

A slick but absurd B-film about a prehistoric monster.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A slick but absurd B-film about a prehistoric monster. It’s capably directed by Craig Pryce(“Double Wedding”/”Revenge of the Radioactive Reporter”/”Desperately Seeking Santa“) and effectively written but in a contrived way by Robert Cooper. If you’re in a goofy mood to see nonsense, this one has plenty.

A giant rodent, hardly ever seen, lives under a cemetery in tunnels and pulls his vics underground for nourishment. The moody widower, leather-clad, motorcycle riding, scientist, Dr. Gary “Hunter” Henderson (Stephen McHattie), returns to the small town he had a graveyard incident two years ago when drunk. The policeman Buckner (Brion James) accidentally shot him in the shoulder while a giant rat devoured his partner. At the local diner, the engaging Hunter picks up the blonde waitress Tracy (Cynthia Belliveau) and takes her with him to the same graveyard to trap the giant rat by getting buried alive in a coffin. Also there are the meddling sadistic cop Buckner, trying to kill the rat to avenge the death of his partner and in the process putting Hunter in great danger. Meanwhile the young grave digger Ed (Jaimz Woolvett) and the attractive deputy sheriff (Neve Campbell) are trying to help Hunter capture it alive for the sake of science.

REVIEWED ON 3/10/2015 GRADE: B-   https://dennisschwartzreviews.com/