(director/writer: Berkeley Brady; screenwriter: story by Tom Cairo & Berkeley Brady; cinematographer: Jaryl Lim; editor: David Hiatt; music: ; cast: Madison Walsh (Carmen), Daniel Arnold (Derek), Hannah Emily Anderson (Joy), Griffin Cork (soldier), Arjan Gill (Masked Robber), Helen Belay (Tara), Ivy Miller (soldier), Lisa Moreau (suicide victim), Kyra Harper (Dr. Dunnley), Roseanne Supernault (Shaina); Runtime: 85; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Michael Peterson/ Berkeley Brady; Epic Pictures; 2022-Canada)

I was too bored by its shallow search for answers to care what happens.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

First time Calgary-based filmmaker Berkeley Brady shoots this Canadian horror pic to be built around a group therapy session in the Canadian Rockies.

Joy (
Hannah Emily Anderson) gets out of an abusive relationship with her partner Derek (Daniel Arnold) after he strangles her dog dead and nearly does the same thing to her.

Her best friend Carmen (Madison Walsh) gets her away from the bad scene by getting her to see Dr. Dunnely (Kyra Harper) for help.

A few months later Carmen convinces her to leave her city pad and join her and two other women on a camping trip to Canada’s wilderness that’s led by her therapist. Still traumatized after the attack, Joy fears her monster ex might be hiding in the bushes.

Joy shows how deeply affected she still is over the bad relationship, as a lingering paranoia clouds her ability to function.

By the time this tiresome trip reaches its conclusion, I was too bored by its shallow search for answers to care what happens.

It played at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

      Wilderness Is Beautiful, but '​Dark Nature' Doesn't Go Deep Enough
      Directed by Berkley Brady


REVIEWED ON 5/20/2023  GRADE: C+