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CHEROKEE STRIP (director: Noel Smith; screenwriters: Joseph K. Watson/Luci Ward; cinematographer: Ted McCord; editor: Thomas Pratt; music: Howard Jackson; cast: Dick Foran (Dick Hudson), Jane Bryan (Jean Walton), Tommy Bupp (Barty Walton), David Carlyle (Tom Valley), Helen Valkis (Ruth Valley), Ed Cobb (Link Carter), Joseph Crehan (Army officer), Gordon Hart (Judge Ben Parkinson), Milton Kibbbee (Blade Simpson), Frank Faylen (Joe Brady), Tom Brower (George Walton), Jack Mower (Bill Tidewell), Walter Soderling (Mink Abbott); Runtime: 55; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Bryan Foy; Warner Bros.; 1937)

“Solid B western.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Noel Smith (“Clash of the Wolves”/”Kid Speed”/”Gang Busters”)directs this solid B western that stars singing cowboy Dick Fornan. It’s effectively written byJoseph K. Watson and Luci Ward, with enough action for this type of undemanding film to satisfy its fan base.Foran sings ‘My Little Buckaroo,’ which turned out to be his biggest ever hit record.

In 1889 President Harrison opens up the Oklahoma Territory, also known as the Cherokee Strip, for white settlers. Lawyer Dick Hudson (Dick Foran) comes from Texas to claim a stake at the valuable site at Big Rock, but his Wonder Horse is made lame so the villains won’t shoot him in the back while he’s in the race and he comes up empty to stake a claim. The obnoxious villain Link Carter (Ed Cobb) gains control of Big Rock and cheats on the claims and threatens to kill any one who opposes him, as his gang takes control of Big Rock. Dick goes partners with honest ranchers Tom Valley (David Carlyle) and Bill Tidewell (Jack Mower), and the trio prevent Link from taking over their business. Patriarch George Walton (Tom Brower), appointed mayor by Link, has a falling out with the crook when he orders his gang to rustle Dick’s cattle and says that’s as far as he’ll go fronting for the gang. The old man’s young precocious son Barty (Tommy Bupp) then warns Dick of the rustling. Before settling things in court with Link, Dick has time to romance Barty’s older protective sister Jean (Jane Bryan).


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