(director/writer: Bryan Reisberg; cinematographer: Luca Del Puppo; editor: Dean C. Marcial; music: Mark Orton; cast: Harry Lloyd (Craig), Krista Kosonen (Ella), Sylvia Grace Crim (Grace), James Ricker II (Travis), Travis Koop (Grant, Peter Cameron (Joel-voice), Elisabeth Gray (Allison-voice), Bess Barna (Sam); Runtime: 85; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Andrew D. Corkin, Daniel-Konrad Cooper; Oscilloscope Pictures; 2014)

A flatly done road trip and self-discovery film.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The indie debut feature by Bryan Reisbergis a flatly done road trip and self-discovery film. It’s about the nerdy nice guy Craig (Harry Lloyd), a young looking thirtysomething mysterious single guy from New Jersey taking a solo Southern road trip. On the trip Craig takes cell phone photos in Mississippi of the world’s largest cedar bucket and the world’s largest rocking chair. At the inexpensive motel he’s staying at, he buys beers for two under-aged couples, meets in a bar an unhappy aspiring singer (Krista Kosonen) from Finland and regularly calls his girlfriend Allison and older brother Joel. Allison’s in San Francisco to close on the house they will live in after they are married. Nothing exciting happens, but Craig seems shaken after kissing his bar girl. Craig berates himself for cheating on Allison, and is still fearful of making big life decisions. That seems to be the story here. It fails to register as anything significant. The young advertising man seems a bit flustered and is looking to find answers about himself on this journey, which I don’t think he finds. There was no suspense, no perils and the people Craig met were all dull and peaceful. I can’t think of a reason to see the film unless you want to be bored. If there’s anything to compliment it for, it’s that the cheaply made film has excellent production values.