(director: Charlie McDowell; screenwriters: Justin Lader, Andrew Kevin Walker; cinematographer: Isiah Donté Lee; editor: David Marks; music:Saunder Jurriaans/Danny Bensi; cast: Lilly Collins (Wife), Jesse Plemons (CEO), Jason Segel (Nobody),  Omar Leyva (Gardener); Runtime: 92; MPAA Rating: R; producers; Lily Collins, Charlie McDowell, Duncan Montgomery, Alex Orlovsky, Jesse Plemons, Jason Segel, Jack Selby:  Netflix; 2022)

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An unoriginal home invasion thriller directed by Charlie McDowell (“The Discovery”/”The One I Love”), the son of Malcolm and Mary Steenburgen. It’s weakly written by Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker, who scripted the great film Seven.

It’s set somewhere in southern California at an upscale gated community vacation home. The film begins with the intruder called Nobody (Jason Segel) inside the residence looking for valuables to steal. He’s surprised when the owner, simply called CEO (Jesse Plemons), a tech billionaire, and his attractive young wife (Lily Collins, daughter of Phil), suddenly appear. Also there is a chatty  gardener (Omar Leyva).

Nobody takes them as hostages. The smug CEO needles the thief, while his unhappy wife looks on aghast.

It’s  followed by the thief asking for $500,000, followed by a chase through the groves.

It leads to an abrupt downbeat twist ending that fails to satisfy.

The acting is fine, the story is not–though it keeps together despite some incoherent moments.

If you have low expectations they will be met.

REVIEWED ON 4/1/2022  GRADE:  C+