(director/writer: Dolph Lundgren; screenwriters: Michael Worth, Hank Hughes; cinematographer: Joe M. Han; editor: Darren C. Bui; music: Sacha Chaban; cast: Dolph Lundgren (Travis Johansen), Kelsey Grammer (Brynner), Michael Pare (Tinelli), Christina Villa (Rosa Barranco), Roger Cross (Hernandez), James Joseph Pulido (Officer De La Cruz), Aaron McPherson (Adam Hilts), Julian Cavett (Fernando), Xzavier Estrada (Pedestrian), Sherrie Prose (Secretary), Tony Messenger (Leo),  Daniela Soto Brenner (Leticia); Runtime: 86; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Craig Baumgarten, Dolph Lundgren; Quiver Distribution; 2024

“A routine but inert B-movie action-pic.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A routine but inert B-movie action-pic, whose tagline is: ‘Some borders are better not crossed.’ It’s directed, written, produced and stars the veteran action-pic guy Dolph Lundgren (“Missionary Man “/”Castle Falls”). It has a convoluted plot, stilted dialogue and a dumb story. It’s co-written by Lundgren, Michael Worth and Hank Hughes.

Travis Johansen (Dolph Lundgren) is an aging and disgraced cop (caught on camera beating up a migrant Mexican and making ethnic slurs). He spends his off-time hanging out in a local bar with his retired buddies Brynner (Kelsey Grammer) and Tinelli (Michael Paré), and all they do is bitch about illegals and how screwed-up things are in today’s world.

Given a second chance to redeem himself, Travis’s assigned with a secret police task force to bring back to the States two Mexican hookers who were eyewitnesses to a shooting that left some DEA agents and Mexican cartel drug runners dead, as they were slaughtered by an unknown third party. On the way back to the States the American cops are attacked in an ambush by some unknown party. In the gun-battle, Travis is wounded, and only one of the hookers, Rosa (Christina Villa) survives. She’s a “hooker with a heart of gold,” and a relative in law enforcement.

It’s soon discovered the DEA killings were executed by unknown American forces, which leaves Travis confused about what he should do next.

The superficial pic creates a corrupt world in a ridiculous and senseless narrative. But for viewers who only care about the action sequences and could care less about the story, this slight film rewards them with some entertaining action sequences, such as a well-choregraphed gun-fight with shotguns.