(director/writer: Joseph Martin; cinematographer: Stefan Mitchell; editor: Joseph Martin; music: Vanesa Lorena Tate ; cast: Jack Roth (Danny), Tim Bentinck (Conrad), Andrew Tiernan (Tommy), Daniel Kendrick (Sean), Carolyn Blackhouse (Margaret), Sophie Colquhoun (Phillipa); Runtime: 83; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Danielle Clark; The Orchard; 2017)

A stylishly violent home invasion movie.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A stylishly violent home invasion movie written and directed by Brit filmmaker Joseph Martin (“Keep Quiet”). It features a steady stream of punk music in the background, and borrows freely from Quentin Tarantino (such as his funny mundane conversations and a time-jumping storyline). It tells about a trio of unfortunate proles –Andrew Tiernan, Daniel Kendrick & Jack Roth-Tim’s son)-who break into the home of wealthy banker Timothy Bentinck. Andrew and Danny are into just stealing the expensive watches, while ringleader Jack wants to make a political statement about the divide between the classes and puts the violent robbery on camera as a warning to other capitalists. The robbery turns into a torture fest for the vics, that has Carolyn Blackhouse and Sophie Colquhoun as hostages along with the patriarch. The result is a cautionary tale about the Have-Nots being pushed too far by the Haves and turning violent. It’s edgy and has something snarky to say about class warfare, but it never seems more than giving us style over substance.

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