(director/writer: Lije Sarki; cinematographer: Sing Howe Yam; editor: Ken ‘Keefe; music: Da;niel A. Davies: cast: Johnny Knoxville (Pete Morris), Kate Upton (Kat), Theo Von (Garvey), Jay Mohr (Frank), Mohammed Amer (Pete), Beth Grant (Morris’ mother), Bobby Lee (Cruise), Gata (Jake), Shakewell (Cedric), Brian Van Holt (Mike D), Jonnie Park (Dip), Erik Anthony Gonzalez (Diego), Adam Faison (Stew) Runtime: 99; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Arie Basile, Lije Sarki, Robert Ogden Barnum, Lucas Jarach; Paramount Pictures; 2024)

“A soulful and earnest formulaic addiction dramedy.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A soulful and earnest formulaic addiction dramedy, riffing as an inspirational sports drama. It’s directed and written by Lije Sarki (“Alphonso Bow”/”Concrete Kids”).

Pete Morris (Johnny Knoxville) is the former hot music video director who is now a struggling, divorced, alcoholic. He goes to a bar at night, gets into a bar fight and the next day seeks treatment in Sweet Dreams, a facility run by Pete (Mo Amer) that works to get addicts sober. He’s housed there with the troublemaker Garvey (Theo Von) and the gentle Cruise (Bobby Lee), Both actors are comedians.

The residence faces foreclosure. To raise the $80,000 they need to keep Sweet Dreams open they run a softball tournament, that’s spearheaded by Morris as the manager. Kate Upton plays a former addict on the softball team, adding beauty to the lineup. 

How things get resolved is strictly by the numbers. It’s a safe pic that unquestionably is on the right side of getting its subjects sober. Is that enough to make it something you would want to see? For me, the answer is no. But Sarki tells us what he knows, and the story seems genuine.

Jay Mohr makes an appearance as Pete Morris’ AA sponsor.