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SOME GIRL (S)(director: Daisy von Scherler Mayer; screenwriter: based on the play by Neil LaBute/Neil LaBute; cinematographer: Rachel Morrison; editor: Michael Darrow; music: David Carbonara; cast: Kristen Bell (Bobbi), Jennifer Morrison (Sam), Adam Brody (Man), Emily Watson (Lindsay), Zoe Kazan (Reggie), Mía Maestro (Tyler); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Chris Schwartz/Patty West/Andrew Carlberg; Leeden Media; 2013)
A misanthropic and soulless romcom based on the play by screenwriter Neil LaBute.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A misanthropic and soulless romcom based on the play by screenwriter Neil LaBute. Director Daisy von Scherler Mayer(“Party Girl”) tells the story of her born liar nameless protagonist (Adam Brody), called the Man. He’s an untrustworthy womanizing twit and professional charmer, who is a thirtysomething college professor and magazine writer about to get married and goes on a X-cross-country trip to visit his significant former girlfriends, not seen for a long time, to chat them up and ask forgiveness if he hurt them by dumping them. The Brody character’s mission to gain self-justification for his bad behavior borders on sociopathic, and his gift of gab leaves him looking like a weaselly unsympathetic shit. It was hard to connect with the Brody character, except to acknowledge there are unfortunately other despicable characters like him in real-life and the playwright does a good job in nailing the character.

The Brody character sets out from NYC to return to his hometown of Seattle, and arranges meetings with five former flames in hotel rooms. First up, he explains to high school girlfriend Sam (Jennifer Morrison), now a married mother, why he didn’t take her to the prom some fifteen years ago and left her in the lurch. Next is the Chicago residing Tyler (Mía Maestro), who was never his first choice. In Boston, he revisits the irate older college professor Lindsay (Emily Watson), whom he had a steamy affair with even though her husband, the college dean, hired him. She absurdly devises some sexual way to get payback for his mistreatment during the hotel visit. Returning to Seattle, the Man visits Reggie (Zoe Kazan), who was only 12 and vulnerable when he came sexually onto his best friend’s kid sister and then split without a word leaving her psychologically wounded. The final visit is with the attractive Los Angeles nurse Bobbi (Kristen Bell), a twin, who wonders what prompted him to leave her, as he tells her that he still loves her more than any other. This episode brings out the darkest side of our anti-hero, who is depicted as a user of people and a snake-like character.

In each hotel room, the shifty nameless one seeks redemption, but ends up only revealing that he’s a scoundrel willing to say anything to get over.


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