(directors: Dan Gremley/Brad Podowski; screenwriter: Brad Podowski; cinematographer: Kuba Zelazec; music: Raphaël Dargent; cast: Michael Kunicki (Chris Nowak), Charlisa Anderson (Barb Nowak), Isabella Alonso (Naomi Nowak), Donna Steele (Sally), Caron Buinis (Madelyn Barkus), Fred Wellich (Stanley Barkus), Buzz Leer (Terry Nowak), Gina Surles (Aunt Linda), Julie Mitre (Prim Woman), Jon Hatje (Young Edgar), Deaton Gabbard (Young Stanley); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Brad Podowski, Suzanne C. Johnson; Indie Rights/BP Video; 2023)

“Appealing neo-noir, whodunit.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Co-directors Dan Gremley and Brad Podowski
(“Redemption Way”) helm their second film together in this appealing neo-noir, whodunit. It’s inspired by a true crime story.

Chris Nowak (
Michael Kunicki) is an aspiring documentary filmmaker who for his latest project, during the current Christmas time, investigates the unsolved mysterious shooting death of his Uncle Edgar, a baker, that took place during the Christmas of 1960.

The documentary is bankrolled by Chris’s mother (
Charlisa Anderson), who wants closure.

During his investigation, Chris researches the incident and
his family history and at his uncle’s grave-site where a mysterious stranger drops off flowers. He also interviews the old-timers who were around at the time of the incident. Tension arises when he gets deeper into his investigation and two goons threaten him and warn him to stop his investigation or else. They work for an unknown adversary, who threatens Chris and his pregnant wife Naomi (Isabella Alonso). Though his wife wants him to stop, Chris presses on with the film though given a beating.

Things get resolved with a surprise ending, as there are some twists and turns before the conclusion.

It’s visually pleasing despite its low-budget,
and is decently acted.

Silent As The Grave: Review

REVIEWED ON 12/14/2023  GRADE: B