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SHOWDOWN (director: George Seaton; screenwriter: from a story by Hank Fine/Theodore Taylor; cinematographer: Ernest Laszlo; editor: John W. Holmes; music: David Shire; cast: Rock Hudson (Chuck Jarvis), Dean Martin (Billy Massey), Susan Clark (Kate Jarvis), Donald Moffat (Art Williams), John McLiam (F.J. Wilson), Charles Baca (Martinez), Jackson Kane (Clem), Ben Zeller (Perry Williams); Runtime: 99; MPAA Rating: PG; producer: George Seaton; MCA/Universal Home Video; 1973)
“Routine western needing some more oats in its feedbag.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

George Seaton (“Airport”/”The Country Girl”) directs this routine western needing some more oats in its feedbag, whose aim seems to be to showoff its Todd-AO 35 Technicolor and cinematographer Ernest Laszlo’s fine photography. This is the last western for both Rock Hudson and Dean Martin, and they don’t seem to be too enthused to be working together. For Seaton, it’s his last film. It’s saddled with the tired old plot about childhood friends, Billy Massey (Dean Martin) and Chuck Jarvis (Rock Hudson), who grow up together protective of each other and then drifted apart. When they come back together as adults after Kate (Susan Clark), Billy’s ex-girlfriend, is now married to Chuck, he’s settled down to be sheriff. Billy is the leader of a gang who is wanted for robbery and Chuck has to go after his former best friend. While on the trail, there’s plenty of time to reminisce about the good old days and their past together as the two have their second showdown after Billy escapes from jail.

It’s taken from a story by Hank Fine and a weak script by Theodore Taylor.


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