(director/writer: George Montgomery; screenwriter: Ferde Grofé Jr.; cinematographer: Emmanuel Rojas; editor: Walter Thompson; music: Harry Zimmerman; cast: George Montgomery (Dr. John David Saunders), Gilbert Roland (Colonel Juan Sebastian Salazar), Ziva Rodann (Ana), Joan O’Brien (Cecile Salazar), Nico Minardos (Captain De Guzman), Mario Barri (Sgt. Nading), Rita Moreno (Woman Convict); Runtime: 89; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Ferde Grofé Jr./; Live Home Video (Warner Bros. Pictures ); 1962)

“Routine low-budget actioner.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

George Montgomery (“Satan’s Harvest”/”The Steel Claw”) stars, produces, co-writes with Ferde Grofé Jr and directs this routine low-budget actioner set in the 1870s, in a penal colony of Samar in the Philippines.Colonel Juan Sebastian Salazar (Gilbert Roland) is the humane head of the prison compound in the Philippines, for political prisoners. When unduly criticized by Captain De Guzman (Nico Minardos), he tears down the prison and leads the prisoners on a risky jungle trek to new surroundings in a remote lush valley, while taking Guzman as a prisoner. George Montgomery play’s the newly arrived cynical doctor prisoner, Dr. John David Saunders. He’s sentenced to 5 years for killing a jealous husband in a duel. Also newly arrived is Ana Rodriguez (Ziva Rodann, Israeli actress), the half-caste daughter of a Spanish official.