Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride (1999)


(director: Garry Marshall; screenwriters: Josann McGibbon/Sara Parriott; cinematographer: Stuart Dryburgh; editor: Bruce Green; music: James Newton Howard; cast: Julia Roberts (Maggie Carpenter), Richard Gere (Ike Graham), Joan Cusack (Peggy), Hector Elizondo (Fisher), Rita Wilson (Ellie), Paul Dooley (Walter), Christopher Meloni (Coach Bob), Laurie Metcalf (Mrs. Trout), Jean Schertler (Grandma Julia); Runtime: 110; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Ted Field/ Tom Rosenberg/Scott Kroopf/ Robert Cort;Touchstone Pictures and Paramount Pictures; 1999)

The pic is sweet, well-played and a bore.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Nine years after starring together in Pretty Woman, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts come together again with the same director, Garry Marshall(“Mother’s Day”/”New Year’s Eve”/”Georgia Rule”). The tired rom/com is written by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott.

Roberts is the gal from a small Maryland town, who left three heartbroken men at the altar. Gere is the divorced, cynical NY newspaper columnist who writes a column about that. An irate Roberts responds and we got a story, as Gere travels to her hometown to meet the man-killer. She plans on a fourth excursion to the altar with the local coach (Christopher Meloni).

The pic is sweet, well-played and a bore.