RABID GRANNIES (LES MEMES CANNIBALES)(director/writer: Emmanuel Kervyn; cinematographer: Hugo Labye; editor: Philippe Ravoet; music: Jean-Bruno & Pierre-Damien Castelain; cast: Dany Davan (Elizabeth Remington), Anne Marie Fox (Victoria Remington), Richard Contica (Gilbert), Catherine Aymerie (Helen), Caroline Braeckman (Suzie); Runtime: 89; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Jonathan Rambert; Media HomeEntertainment; 1988-Belgium/France/Netherlands)

Weird haunted house horror film from Belgium.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Weird haunted house horror film from Belgium, thanks to Troma. It’s not that good, but it never becomes that bad. It acts as a fight against greed. Writer-director Emmanuel Kervyndubs in the English accents for the non-Emglish speaking cast.

The rich, old and daffy spinster Remington sisters (Dany Daven and Anne Marie Fox) give their annual birthday party in their mansion and as usual invite their brown-nosing mercenary nephews and nieces, who behind their backs anxiously await their death. One of the mysterious party-goers has been disinherited because he’s a Satan-worshipper. The nephew, as revenge, thereby gives the birthday girls a cursed demonic gift package that transforms them into killer crones.

It goes into the “Ten Little Indians” formula mode. The treat is watching the greedy relatives be removed by becoming on the menu.

Rabid Grannies Poster

REVIEWED ON 10/21/2015 GRADE: B-