(director/writer: Jack M. Sell; screenwriters: Adrianne Richmond/Jim Fay; cinematographer: Jack M. Sell; editor: Jack M. Sell; music: Chris Lay/Rich Daniels; cast: Forrest Tucker, Jim Fay, Marilyn Abrams; Runtime: 75; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Adrianne Richmond; Sell Pictures; 1987)

The comedy isn’t bad, it’s wretched.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A rip-off of The Groove Tube (1974). Director and co-writer/cinematographer and editor Jack M. Sell(“The Psychotronic Man“) offers a dreadful sex spoof of daily TV fare.

Forrest Tucker acts as the host introducing the segments. The skits include a Phil Donahue goof, an Eddie Murphy impersonation by someone who doesn’t remind me of the comedian, a slasher Santa, a late night news spoof, a female impersonator doing a terrible Liza Minnelli impression while singing a bad version of New York, New York, and many more unfunny skits. The comedy isn’t bad, it’s wretched.

What’s accurate is the quote from the film, “This Movie is Sh*t.”