(director: Andrew Cohn; cinematographer: Zachary Shields; editor: Thomas Niles; music: Adam Rubenstein; cast: Greg Henson, Shynika Jakes, Melissa Lewis; Runtime: 85; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Steve Bannatyne, Andrew Cohn, Jason Orans, Pamela Ryan, Zachary Shields; Oscilloscope; 2016)

An inspirational doc about getting a second chance.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An inspirational doc about getting a second chance. It’s directed by Andrew Cohn (“Medora”/”Chile Road”) that tells of the efforts of three candid adult minority high school drop-outs, Greg Henson (an embittered single parent with a minor criminal past), Melissa Lewis (a fifty-three-year-old, who just needs to pass a tough algebra course to get her diploma) and Shynika Jakes (a twenty-six-year-old, sleeping in her car student, who balances her school schedule with her hours at Arby’s), to return to school in Indianapolis to get a diploma. Excel Center in Indianapolis, a city known for being one of the country leaders in high school dropouts, is a unique place where high school dropouts can enroll for free in an intensive adult-education program at night. If they pass all their final exams, they will earn a diploma—not a GED, but the real diploma.

The subjects are followed for a school year and we will learn what they must endure to get a diploma, something that will help them in the job market. In this oppressive Trump climate for educational programs to be funded, it’s clearly shown here how this funded program is needed to help those who screwed-up when young and now seem ready to better realize the worth of an education to get a better life.