(director/writer; Shahin Sean Solimon; cinematographer: Madelyn Solimon; cast: Shahin Sean Solimon (Captain Apollo), Ginger Christie (Nephele), Kent Hatch (Lone Wolf); Runtime: 75; MPAA Rating: NR; producer; Shahin Sean Solimon: Amazon Prime; 2021)

I never warmed up to it and felt cold about its lack of a story.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An indie micro-budget sci-fi action/horror film directed, written and produced by Shahin Sean Solimon (“Djinn”/”Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage”). It’s set in a post-apocalyptic period. Though it gets credit for being different, it crashes as far as I’m concerned when it fails to tell a story and merely becomes a special-effect film. I never warmed up to it and felt cold about its lack of a story.

Captain Apollo (Shahin Sean Solimon) is trying to make his way through the end of the world after waking up stuck in an endless time-loop in the post-apocalypse on Earth. A pandemic has wiped out practically all the Earth’s population and there are new tenants who rule the planet.

The lone man must survive an asteroid hit, toxic fallout, a plague, an alien invasion, zombies, robots and an a
rmageddon. The confusing pic is about those things happening and what happens to the survivor seems to be secondary.

There might be some good ideas for a feature movie here, but this film gets an incomplete grade because it’s not a finished product. It seems to want to show off what it could make from so little and tell the same old survival of the world story but in a different way.

I wouldn’t waste my time with it, as its only appeal might be to hard-core sci-fi genre fans who can dig the film for its craftsmanship, love of the genre and attempt to be different.