(director/writer: Norman Thaddeus Vane; cinematographer: David Golia ; editors: David Bartholomew /Sam Adelman ; music: Michael Wetherwax ; cast: Lynne Redgrave (Midnight, Vera), Tony Curtis (Mr. B), Gustav Vintas (Siegfried), Steve Parrish (Mickey Modine), Gloria J. Morrison (Girl Reporter), Karen Witter (Missy Angel), Rita Gam (Heidi), Kathleen Kinmont (Party goer), Wolfman Jack (himself), Tiny Lister (Security Guard), Frank Gorshin (Ron Saphier); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Norman Thaddeus Vane/Gloria J. Morrison; SVS; 1989)

Though slightly amusing it fails to generate tension and interest.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Norman Thaddeus Vane(“Taxi Dancers”/”Club Life”/”The Black Room”) is the writer/director of this low-grade cult mystery film. A wannabe Midnight Movie that never had such luck.

Lynne Redgrave plays the wealthy Vera, an Elvira-styled, gothic costumed, heavily made up, frizzy wig attired, nighttime TV horror movie hostess, whose show is canceled by the greedy unscrupulous station owner (Tony Curtis). The murders of those close to the ghoulish hostess soon follows the closing.

It attempts to spoof the way horror films are presented on TV. Though slightly amusing it fails to generate tension and interest. The pic bombed at its theater release and quickly went to video.

Legendary NYC DJ Wolfman Jack has a cameo. The great character actor Frank Gorshin plays Vera’s befuddled double-crossing agent. Steve Parrish plays Vera’s hunky boy-toy.

REVIEWED ON 4/10/2015 GRADE: C+   https://dennisschwartzreviews.com/