(director/writer: Craig Boreham; cinematographer: Dean Francis; editor: Danielle Boesenberg; music: Tony Buchen; cast: Josh Lavery (Casey), Daniel Gabriel (Tib), Anni Finsterer (Carol), Ian Roberts (Pietro), Matthew Waters (trucker); Runtime:  96; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Craig Boreham, Ben Ferris, Dean Francis, Ulysses Oliver; Dark Star/Breathless Films, JJ Splice Films/Wolfe Video; 2022-Australia)

“The target audience should lap things up. Others are on their own.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The Sydney-based Aussie director and writer Craig Boreham (“Before The Rain”/”Teen-age Tears”) presents this low-budget sexually explicit queer drama.

Casey (Josh Lavery) is a lonesome laconic country boy who puts on a cowboy hat and hitches from his rural small town in Australia to live in Sydney while feeling depressed (runnung away from a scandal). In the city he signs up for a Grindr-like app and meets the slick street-smart city boy Tib (Daniel Gabriel, Sudanese/Egyptian actor), who is also struggling with depression (his woes are over immigration court issues because of his immigrant mother). The boys instantly make an emotional and romantic connection.

The guys explore their desires and think about having a serious relationship.  What’s terrific for the roommates is that they are having great sex.

There’s male nudity, and the film is erotic.

The target audience should lap things up. Others are on their own. The well-produced queer film plays on familiar ground.

It played at the Provincetown Film Festival.