(director/writer: Howard J. Ford; screenwriter: Tom Boyle; cinematographer: Vladimir Ilic; editor: St. John O’Rorke; music:Imran Ahmad; cast: Brittany Ashworth (Kelly), Ben Lamb (Joshua), Louis Boyer (Nathan), Nathan Welsh (Reynolds), Anais Parello (Sophie), Stefan Knezević (Luca), David Wayman (Taylor); Runtime: 86; MPAA Rating: R; producers; Milos Djukelic, Fred Hedman, Kate Hoffman:  Saban Films; 2022)

“Gets its thrills by its violence against women.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A debilitating rock-climbing saga that includes rape and murder as a result of toxic masculinity, that gets its thrills by its violence against women. It’s a female take on the 1963 Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone.
Brit filmmaker Howard J. Ford(“
Adventure Boyz”/”Never Let Go”) directs, while the screenplay is written by Tom Boyle.

Kelly (
Brittany Ashworth) and her friend Sophie (Anais Parello) vacation by climbing an Italian mountain range. When Sophie is raped and murdered by sociopath Joshua (Ben Lamb) in his tourist cabin, Kelly witnesses it and films it on her camera. Thereby Josh and three of his vile mates try to coverup the crime and go after the fleeing Kelly. To escape Kelly must climb the face of the 11 thousand foot Dolomite Mountains. But it’s perilous not only for her but also for the bad guys pursuing her.

What keeps her going is the love she has for her
rock-climbing coach, Luca (Stefan Knezević), as his disembodied voice guides her to safety.

The story is pointless and unpleasant. But the climbing scenes are masterfully done.