(director/writer: Gustav Machaty; screenwriters: Arnold Phillips/based on a story by Dalton Trumbo; cinematographer: Henry Sharp; editor: John Link; music: Hanns Eisler; cast: John Loder (Dr. David Brent), Karen Morley (Dr. Monica Anderson), Jane Randolph (Janet Urban), Nils Asther (Peter Urban), Hugo Haas (Hugo Kral), Mauritz Hugo (Bob), Holmes Herbert (Melvyn Russell), Michael Mark(Shop Owner); Runtime: 71; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Gustav Machaty/George Moskov; Republic; 1945)

A rare arty melodrama from Republic.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A rare arty melodrama from Republic. The writer-director is the Czech expatriate Gustav Machaty(“Ecstasy”/”The Good Earth”/”Seduction”), who for the past 15 years lived in America. Jealousy is his most important film he made in America. It’s based on a story by the future blacklisted author Dalton Trumbo. Arnold Phillips writes the screenplay.

Failed famous alcoholic exiled European writer Peter Urban (Nils Asther), living in LA, married to the attractive Janet Urban (Jane Randolph), experiences a prolonged case of writer’s block. Janet tries to help with the financial woes by driving a cab. When wifey chats with her fare, the urbane physician David Brent (John Loder), the two become friends and see each other afterwards. This gives hubby a case of jealousy. Soon hubby is found dead, and even though he was murdered it’s made to look like suicide. Brent and Janet are the main suspects, and Janet is arrested. Brent then investigates solo to prove her innocence. Before she goes on trial, Brent marries the widow.

Warning: spoiler alert.

Karen Morley plays Brent’s medical associate, whom we learn out of a fit of jealousy killed the man she secretly loved and then tried to pin the murder on Janet.