(director: Richard Whorf; screenwriters: Isobel Lennart/from a story by J.P. McGowan; cinematographer: Robert Planck; editor: Blanche Sewell; music: Johnny Green; cast: Frank Sinatra (Danny Webson Miller), Kathryn Grayson (Anne Fielding), Peter Lawford (Jamie Shellgrove), Jimmy Durante (Nick Lombardi), Billy Roy (Leo Kardos), Tamara Shayne (Mrs. Kardos), Gloria Grahame (Nurse); Runtime: 105; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Jack Cummings; MGM; 1947)

“Fluffy musical courtesy of MGM.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Routine fluffy musical courtesy of MGM. It has young bobby-soxer idol Frank Sinatra teamed with veteran vaudeville comedian Jimmy Durante, known for his schnozolla. The film’s highlight has Sinatra sing “Time After Time” and in a lively duo with Durante they sing “The Song’s Gotta Have Heart,” and Kathryn Grayson belts out a “Lakme” aria. All the boys’ songs are by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne; director Richard Whorf (“Till the Clouds Roll By”) keeps it amiable. It’s based on a story by J.P. McGowan and written by Isobel Lennart.

Jazz singer Danny Miller (Frank Sinatra) after four years military service in England and before the end of World War II returns to Brooklyn with the shy and stuffy grandson of a duke, Jamie Shellgrove (Peter Lawford), who comes to NYC to study classical music. On his first day back Danny has fallen in love at first sight with Brooklyn music high school teacher Anne Fielding (Kathryn Grayson), an aspiring singer, whom he meets when he returns to his old school to re-register for the draft. Danny also meets his old pal Nick Lombardi (Jimmy Durante), the school janitor, who invites Danny to stay at his place until he finds his own apartment. Nick encourages the romance between Danny and Anne. In the meantime Danny suffers from stage fright during auditions and frets he won’t get into showbiz, while Anne encourages her talented musical student Leo Kardos (Billy Roy) to pursue a career as a pianist. But Leo says his candy store running mom can’t afford to pay for higher learning. But Nick suggests giving a concert at the music store to raise the tuition money, and that leads to Leo getting a full scholarship when the school’s committee observes the piano recital. Danny invites Jamie to Brooklyn and he moves in with the roommates. While Danny is busy working at Dobson’s music store, Jamie and Anne begin a secret romance. Nick has a bad reaction to that romance. But Danny realizes the two are meant for each other, and he settles for a Brooklyn nurse (Gloria Grahame) he met in the army.

Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante, Kathryn Grayson, and Peter Lawford in It Happened in Brooklyn (1947)