(director: Terry Winsor; screenwriter: Gary Dauberman; cinematographer: ; editor: Laurie McDowell/Sawit Prasertphan; music: Mark Ryder; cast:  Michael Smiley (Phil), Dr. Lecorpus (Lance Henriksen), Emma Catherwood (Gina), Jane Perry (Geraldine), Cian Barry (John), Lisa Livingstone (Stacey), Mike Rogers (Brian), Rajesh Latkar (Indian Police Officer); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Charles Salmon; RHI Entertainment; 2007)

“It’s good only because it’s so strange.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Terry Winsor (“Fool’s Gold”/”Essex Boys”) directs a creepy spider film. It’s good only because it’s so strange. How good that is depends on your taste for horror films with second-tier acting, low-tech CGI effects and spiders. Writer Gary Dauberman keeps it suspenseful throughout.

A bland student-aged group of American backpackers– Phil (Michael Smiley), John (Cian Barry), Gina (Emma Catherwood), Geraldine (Jane Perry) and Stacey (Lisa Livingstone), with their British guide Brian (Mike Rogers)–trek in the jungle of India while on vacation. On their last night a deadly Bolivian Baja spider bites Geraldine. Her only hope is to go to a nearby village and be treated by the sinister Dr. Lecorpus (Lance Henriksen) – an American ex-patriot whose on the run for being an organ thief. He has found a home in a village of spider worshipers. The tourists soon realize they are in deep trouble and split up as some flee for outside help in town and others stay with the comatose Geraldine. Danger lurks from both the evil humans and the terrifying arachnids, located in a cave near the village, who want their blood.

The hokey horror film was made for television as part of the Maneater series.

REVIEWED ON 1/12/2018       GRADE: C+