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HIS BROTHER’S GHOST (director: Sam Newfield; screenwriters: story by George Milton/George Wallace Sayre/Milton Raison; cinematographer: Jack Greenhalgh; editor: Holbrook N.Todd; music: Frank sanucci; cast: Buster Crabbe (Billy Carson), Al”Fuzzy” St. John (Andy Jones/Jonathan Jones), Charles King (Thorne), Karl Hackett (Doc Packard), Archie Hall (Sheriff Bentley), (Yaeger); Runtime: 54; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Sigmund Neufeld; Mill Creek Entertainment; 1945)
Sub-par B-Western, done in by a silly story, no leading lady and cornball comedy that doesn’t register.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Sub-par B-Western, done in by a silly story, no leading lady and cornball comedy that doesn’t register. The film was made by Poverty Row studio, need I say more? Sam Newfield(“Counterfeiters”/”The Monster Makers”/”The Lone Rider in Ghost Town”) directs without passion or conviction. It’s based on a story by George Milton, with the screenplay by George Wallace Sayre & Milton Raison.

The Wolf Valley border town has marauders attacking at night the sharecroppers, and they have so far killed four of them. The gang is led by by the vicious rancher Thorne (Charles King), whose bosses want the ranches and want to obtain for free the land by chasing off the sharecroppers. One of the victim ranchers, Andy Jones (Al”Fuzzy” St. John) calls on for help his old pal Billy Carson (Buster Crabbe, ex-Olympic swimming champion), a rancher from a nearby county who experienced the same raiders. When Thorne raids Andy’s ranch, he kills Andy. Before Andy dies, he tells Billy he has an estranged twin brother named Jonathan (Al”Fuzzy” St. John) and the plan is that he poses as his dead brother. This scares a few of the dumber thugs, who squeal when frightened that one of big bosses is Doc Packard (Karl Hackett) and the other is the deputy sheriff Bentley (Archie Hall). After Doc’s citizen arrest and that Bentley is killed by Thorne, there’s a shootout between Thorne and his gang and Billy, Jonathan and the sharecroppers. If you don’t know who wins, you might be the one we are looking for who found this cheesy film to be a good one.


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