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HER FAVORITE PATIENT(BEDSIDE MANOR) (director: Andrew L. Stone; screenwriters: Frederick J. Jackson/Malcolm Stuart Boylan/based on the Saturday Evening Post story by Robert Carson; cinematographer: John Mescall/James Van Trees; editor: James Smith; cast: Ruth Hussey (Dr. Hedy Fredricks), John Carroll (Morgan Hale), Charles Ruggles (Dr. JH Fredricks), Esther Dale (Martha Gravitt ), Charles Drake ( Tanya), Ann Rutherford (Lola), Joel McGinnis (Tommy Smith), John James (Dick Smith), Frank Jenks (Harry Smith), Renee Godfrey (Stella), Claudia Drake (Tanya); Runtime: 79; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Andrew L. Stone; United Artists; 1945)
“Genial sitcom comedy.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Andrew L. Stone (“Stormy Weather”/”The Decks Ran Red”/”Hell’s Headquarters”), in one of his weaker early films, helms this genial sitcom comedy and mines whatever comedy he can get from such a weak premise. It’s based on the 1944 Saturday Evening Post story by Robert Carson. The screenplay is by Frederick J. Jackson and Malcolm Stuart Boylan.

Dr. Hedy Fredericks (Ruth Hussey) is an attractive young plastic surgeon going to Chicago for a job in a research lab. On the way there she stops off in her hometown of Blithewood to visit her bachelor uncle physician, Dr. JH Fredricks (Charles Ruggles). She brings along 3 marine hitchhikers she picked up. They’re all named Smith-Tommy (Joel McGinnis), Dick (John James), and Harry (Frank Jenks).

Since uncle is overwhelmed with work, in a town that has grown substantially over the years and has recently added a new defense plant, he tries to convince Hedy to practice medicine with him in town. Meanwhile Hedy meets in town the test pilot Morgan Hale (John Carroll) and the two are attracted to each other. Morgan’s girlfriend Lola (Ann Rutherford) gets jealous over the attention Morgan pays to Hedy and stands him up for a date.

When the test pilot crashes his plane and suffers a minor head injury, Hedy stitches him up and then bolts for Chicago. When lover boy realizes she’s leaving town and that he loves her, he chases after her in his car and crashes. Hedy again treats him, and this time to keep her in town he fakes a psychological illness resulting from the crashes. You can guess what happens as a result.

REVIEWED ON 10/11/2015 GRADE: B-

Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews”