(director/writer: Dan Partland; cinematographer: Stefanos Kafatos; editors: Tucker Capps, Aaron Mathes; music: Tree Adams/Nico Borrorneo; cast: David French, Kristin Kobes du Mez, Russell Moore, Rob Schenck, Bishop William Barber; Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: PG-13; producers: Rob Reiner, Michele Singer, Steve Okin, Dan Partland; Oscilloscope Laboratories; 2024)

“Lets us know with no uncertainty what a true Christian believes in is not the false message coming from MAGA.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The political documentary is filled with footage of the January 6th, 2021, MAGA invasion of the U.S. Capitol, that was a sorry-ass violent attempt to show that the loser Trump won the presidential election even if he actually lost.

It’s directed by Dan Partland (“Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump”) to show that many in the Christian evangelical community and bigoted conservatives have become allies selling their souls to support the wanton, unfit and immoral President Trump in his attempt to make America a fascist dictatorship with him in charge. And, MAGA’s support of a hostile divisive form of Christianity not only goes against the Constitution but supports the racial bigotry of the ignorant malcontents.
We’re reminded that America has functioned since its birth as a secular country, whose majority Christian population  adheres to a Judea-Christian belief system and follows the American principle of separation of church and state.

I have no idea who might be its audience, but I do know MAGA only listens to itself. Its followers are too set in their ways to reach out for ideas not in their playbook. So I doubt if they will ever see or care about this film, which is most likely preaching to the choir.

The film reminds us in case we have forgotten–Jesus said in the NT “We should love our neighbors as we love ourselves.” The film lets us know with no uncertainty what a true Christian believes in is not the false message coming from MAGA about Christian nationalism–whose intention is to by force impose its will on the country by using the power of the government.