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GET THAT MAN (director: Spencer Gordon Bennet; screenwriter: story and script Betty Burbridge; cinematographer: James S. Brown Jr.; editor: Grace Davey; music Lee Zahler; cast: Wallace Ford (Jack Kirkland/John Prescott), Finis Barton (Diane Prescott), Lillian Miles (Fay Prescott), Leon Ames (Don Malone), E. Alyn Warren (Jay Malone), Laura Treadwell (Mrs. Prescott); Runtime: 57; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Lester F. Scott Jr.; Empire Motion Pictures; 1935)
“A far-fetched screenplay.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Spencer Gordon Bennet (“The Bounty Killer”/”Submarine Hawk”) directs from a far-fetched screenplay by Betty Burbridge. The entertaining but shallow identity crime movie is from poverty row.Cabbie Jack Kirkland (Wallace Ford) is hijacked by two fleeing bank robbers. The trio is nabbed by the police and put in a lineup. Private detective Jay Malone (E. Alyn Warren), investigating an inheritance case, mistakenly for nefarious purposes identifies Jack in the lineup as John Prescott, the missing heir of a millionaire who recently died in a fight. It turns out the taxi driver is the spitting image of the murdered heir. Thereby the shady Malone doesn’t identify the real John Prescott’s body at the morgue, instead bails out the cabbie and brings him home to John’s estranged stepmother (Laura Treadwell) to initiate a scam to steal the inheritance. Malone forces the cabbie to pose as the deceased John and threatens to name him as one of the bank robbers if he doesn’t co-operate. At the stepmom’s house Jack meets and falls in love with Mrs. Prescott’s daughter, Diane (Finis Barton), from a previous marriage. However, Fay Prescott (Lillian Miles), John’s unfaithful wife, shows up with her thuggish boyfriend Don (Leon Ames) and demands $100,000 for a divorce. Jack decides to risk telling her the truth. The crooked P.I. then threatens to turn Don and Fay over to the police for blackmail. But Don stabs him fatally. The couple kidnap Jack and force him to withdraw $100,000 from the bank. But in the end there’s an unreal but happy ending, with the innocents Jack and Diane marrying.


Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews”