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FORT DOBBS (director: Gordon Douglas; screenwriters: Burt Kennedy/George W. George; cinematographer: William Clothier; editor: Clarence Kolster; music: Max Steiner; cast: Clint Walker (Gar Davis), Virginia Mayo (Celia Gray), Brian Keith (Clett), Richard Eyer (Chad Gray), Russ Conway (Sheriff), Michael Dante (Billings); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Martin Rackin; Warner Brothers; 1958)
Its strong point is the powerful performance by the laconic playing Clint Walker.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Gordon Douglas (“Saps at Sea”/”Them!”/”Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”) ably directs this routine western, that’s written by Burt Kennedy and George W. George. Its strong point is the powerful performance by the laconic playing Clint Walker, in his movie debut after starring in the popular “Cheyenne” series on television.

After killing in self-defense the dude who beat up his unfaithful girlfriend, Gar Davis (Clint Walker) goes on the run from the Largo posse. To escape the lynch mob, Gar trades coats with a dead man on the road with a Comanche arrow in his back. Gar then saves the life of Celia Gray (Virginia Mayo) and her young son Chad (Richard Eyer), whose farm is attacked by Comanches. Seeing Gar dressed in hubby’s coat with a hole in the back, leads the widow to believe Gar murdered her husband. Despite being suspicious of Gar, the three ride to nearby Fort Dobbs to find safety from the attacking Indians. On the trail, the trio meet Clett (Brian Keith). He’s a bad dude wanted by the law. When he tries to rape Celia, Gar forces him to leave their traveling party.

After outsmarting the attacking Indians on the trail, the trio discover the soldiers at Fort Dobbs were all massacred. But when a caravan party from Largo, led by the sheriff (Russ Conway), arrive after being pursued by the Indians, they hunker down in the fort to stave off the attack. Gar performs an heroic deed and in the end is shown to be innocent of both murders. Thereby the attractive young widow is now free to get romantic with the hero cowboy, as they ride off together to Santa Fe to restart their life.


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