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FALCON’S ADVENTURE, THE (director: William A. Berke; screenwriters: Michael Arlen/Aubrey Wisberg; cinematographers: Frank Redman/Harry Wild; editor: Marvin Coil; music: Paul Sawtell; cast: Tom Conway (Falcon), Madge Meredith (Luisa Braganza), Edward S. Brophy (Goldie Locke), Robert Warwick (Kenneth Sutton), Myrna Dell (Doris Blanding), Steve Brodie (Benny), Ian Wolfe (Denison), Carol Forman (Helen Ray), Joseph Crehan (Inspector Cavanaugh), Tony Barrett (Paolo Ray), Andr√© Charlot (Enrico Braganza), (Mike), David Cota (Jimmy, Alligator Wrestler), Philip Warren (Mike Geary); Runtime: 61; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Herman Schlom; RKO; 1946)
“Lively but routine detective story in the long running Falcon series.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

William A. Berke (“Code of the West”/”The Treasure of Monte Cristo”/”Danger Zone”) directs this lively but routine detective story in the long running Falcon series. It’s weakly written by Michael Arlen and Aubrey Wisberg; there are plot holes as deep as the Atlantic Ocean.

The womanizing Falcon (Tom Conway) and his oafish sidekick Goldie (Edward S. Brophy) are planning a ‘no-women allowed’ fishing vacation in upstate New York, when they rescue their pretty Brazilian hotel neighbor, Luisa Braganza (Madge Meredith), from being kidnapped by car and instead travel to Miami. It turns out that her uncle, Enrico Braganza, has invented a formula for synthetic diamonds that he’s selling to a colleague, Denison, in Miami. But an international diamond merchant, Sutton (Robert Warwick), wants the formula and hires a gang to steal it. They first murder Enrico and then Denison, framing the Falcon for both murders. In the end, the Falcon thwarts Sutton’s plan to kidnap Luisa on his yacht in order to get the formula and helps the police round up the rest of the gang–Benny, Doris and Mike.

This film is the last time Conway stars in the Falcon series.REVIEWED ON 6/7/2007 GRADE: C+

Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews”