(director/writer: Micheal Bafaro; screenwriter: Michael Mitton; cinematographer: Athan Merrick; editors: Micheal Bafaro, Michael Mitton; music: Matt Dauncey; cast: Kelly Bastard (Frankie), Michael Mitton (Jonah), Colm Hill (Steve), Rene Lai (Lucy), Abu Dukuly (Drake), Micheal Bafaro (Victor Malick), Vanessa Nostbakken (Molly), Jason Haney (Lewis), Brittany Pilgrim (Isabelle), Sophie Thom (Madison); Runtime: 81; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Micheal Bafaro, Michael Mitton; Level 33 Entertainment; 2023-Canada)

“One can revel in its disturbing disco bloodbath scene.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Director Micheal Bafaro  (“myPhone”/”Wrecker”) co-writes with Michael Mitton this scary, shocking and inventive horror pic made on a limited budget. It revolves around a killer male mannequin that unleashes supernatural forces. One can revel in its disturbing disco bloodbath scene.

A criminal gang of truck hijackers unintentionally set off a supernatural force through a ma
nnequin. Thereby a young woman named Frankie (Kelly Bastard) accidentally kills a trucker  and believes she’s being stalked by a killer mannequin. Even when with her friends, she believes they are in peril from the mannequin. While she’s determined to find a way of stopping the killings and trying to keep sane, she finds that once you see the mannequin, things will only end when you’re killed.

Co-writer Mitton as Jonah, Frankie’s former boyfriend, tries helping her. This angers her jealous boyfriend Steve (Colm Hill).

It’s a well-crafted film that’s well-acted by Kelly Bastard, but be warned it’s weird even if entertaining.

We never see the mannequin kill, only the aftermath of its criminal actions.

It played at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival.