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DEATH CHASE (director/writer: David A. Prior; screenwriters: Craig L. Hyde/James L. Hennessey, Jr.; cinematographer: Keith Holland; editor: Brian Evans; music: Tim James/Mark Mancina/Steve McClintock ; cast: William Zipp (Steven Chase), Paul Smith (Steele), Jack Starett (Lt. MacGrew), Bainbridge Scott (Diana Lewis), Christine Crowell (Sheila Chase), Paul Bruno (Sgt, Boone), Reggie De Morton (Eddie), C. T. Collins (Chairman); Runtime: 86; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Peter Yuval/Yakov Bentsvi; AIP; 1988)
An inept thriller.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An inept thriller directed by David A. Prior(“Night Claws”/”Lost at War”/”Zombie Wars”) and poorly scripted by Prio, Craig L. Hyde and James L. Hennessey, Jr.. The pic is poorly acted, has a big plot hole and takes us down a road that only gets more absurd.

Perhaps only in LA could such a muddled story fly under the smog.

Construction worker Steven Chase (William Zipp) and his sister (Christine Crowell) are riding their bicycles in a city park when a speeding car catches up with the car it was chasing and in the crossfire Steven’s sister is killed. The two men doing the chasing also shoot the driver. Steven runs over to question the dying man. But before he dies, the vic hands him a gun and says now “You’re it…good luck.” Shockingly Steven finds himself in some kind of bizarre deadly game where he’s being chased by a corporation killer called “The Chairman (C. T. Collins),” who sends hit teams to get their quarry and if successful they win prize money.

The pic is too ludicrous for any commentary, as it never took the trouble to explain anything clearly (like even telling us why the game is played) and also the action scenes were just awful.


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