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CENTER OF THE WEB (director/writer: David A. Prior; cinematographer: Andrew Parke; editor: Tony Malanowski; music: Greg Turner; cast: Bo Hopkins (Frank Allesendro), Robert Davi (Richard Morgan), Charlene Tilton (Kathryn Lockwood), Ted Prior (John Phillips ), Charles Napier (Agent Williams), William Zipp (Tony), Tony Curtis (Stephen Moore), Graham Timbes (Joe); Runtime: 88; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Ruta K Aras; AIP Home Video; 1992)
A lively thriller.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A lively thriller written and directed by David A. Prior(“Zombie Wars”/”Night Claws”/”Night Trap”). It was filmed in Mobile, Alabama.

A drama teacher named John Phillips (Ted Prior) is mistaken for a hired killer and forced into a car by two thugs. During a drive-by gun battle one thug is killed and another flees. When the cops arrive they find John, who has trouble explaining things. Since his girlfriend Kathyrn (Charlene Tilton) is an assistant D.A., he’s freed from jail. But Richard Morgan (Robert Davi), a mysterious Justice Department agent, threatens to jail John again unless he continues to pose for the feds as an undercover gangster. Info has been uncovered that John’s hitman character was hired to assassinate a visiting governor.

The over-plotted film contains double and triple-crosses and lots of car crashes. No one seems to be who they say they are and nothing is what it seems. Even the DA (Bo Hopkins) can’t be trusted.

Kathyrn is so confused, she seeks help from an old family friend, a retired CIA operative (Tony Curtis). The only thing we’re certain of is that the guy with the weird hair-do, William Zipp is the bad guy.

It has value as low-brow entertainment. The acting is fine, with Davi’s performance taking honors. The pace is lively. And as far as thrillers go, this one is not bad.


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