(director: Adrian Langley; screenwriter: Michael Huntsman; cinematographer: Matthew Quinn; editor: Evan Pease; music: Andrew Morgan Smith; cast: Roger Clark (Cpl Miller), Luke Baines (Kurt), Julian Feder (Baker), Sean Cullen (Captain Hall), Eddie Ramos (Segura), Kayla Radomski (The Griever), Quinn Moran (Pvt. Lewis), Mike Mihm (Private Gray), Adriano Gatto (Lance Cpl. Walker), Patrick Moltane (Lieutenant Turner); Runtime: 108; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Patrick Rizzotti/James Huntsman; Blue Fox Entertainment/Buffalo Filmworks; 2022)

“A loopy war drama with a supernatural force.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Adrian Langley (“Ash & Dust”/”Butchers”) directs this low-budget film from a script by Michael Huntsman. It’s a loopy war drama with a supernatural force.

It’s set during WWI. Brit soldiers are led by the rigid and officious Lt. Turner (Patrick Moltane). His squad is in a bunker firing on Germans in bunkers some distance away.

New to the outfit is the American medic Segura (Eddie Ramos) and the American HQ staffer Captain Hall (Sean Cullen). They are with fellow squad members Baker (Julian Feder) and Pvt. Lewis (Quinn Moran).

When the squad crosses No Man’s Land they find a still living German soldier, Kurt (Luke Baines), nailed to a cross, in his abandoned bunker and the POW is medically treated while being grilled about what’s going on by the medic
The squad finds themselves trapped in this abandoned German bunker when hit with a shell that leaves them no escape, as weird things are happening and the men begin turning against one another.

After this occurs I lost interest in this absurd film, that’s overlong and tedious. Its characters are quickly forgettable, as is the film.

The pic played it straight, when it should have gone for comedy.