(director: Jim Archer; screenwriter: David Earl/Chris Hayward; cinematographer: Murren Tullett; editor: Jo Walker; cast: Louise Brealy (Hazel), David Earl (Brian Gittis), Chris Hayward (Voice of Charles), Nina Sosanya (Pam), Jamie Michie (Eddie); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: NR; producer; Rupert Majendie: BFI Films; 2022-UK)

“Too sweet of a comedy for my diet.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Brit TV director Jim Archer adapts his own 13-minute 2017 goofy film about finding strength in friendships, even if gotten in unlikely places, in this too sweet of a comedy for my diet. It’s told in the style of a mockumentary, and is co-written by David Earl and Chris Hayward.

The lonely Brian (David Earl, Brit stand-up comedian), with no skill-set for being with others, lives alone in a dumpy cottage, in a tiny village, in the countryside of Wales, where he farms cabbages for himself and tinkers in his workshop with junk, hoping to someday invent something important. One day he finds a refrigerator in a junk pile and builds a robot, and it actually works. The 7-foot robot is named Charles (Chris Hayward), whose torso is the refrigerator, who in a comical robotic tone is the voice of the robot.

This sets off a weird and simplistic story about the bumbling inventor making a human connection with the robot. Though filled with charm, warmth and all kinds of good feelings, I found it indigestible. It might have its roots in Frankenstein, but these filmmakers are no James Whale.

It premiered at The Sundance Film Festival 2022.

REVIEWED ON 2/5/2022  GRADE:  C+